Introducing ‘alexandraeats’

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Hello and welcome to my blog. After lots of research into fabulous bloggers already out there and many late nights scrolling through delicious recipes on instagram I bring you ‘alexandraeats’, a platform to share my experiences discovering a healthy way of living while (hopefully) still being able to eat the good stuff!

So first things first, I am in no way what one would call ‘healthy’. I am simply discovering a cleaner way of living and wish to post all about it! I never quite managed the all-important five a day and I wouldn’t even dream of having a hot drink without a stack of rich tea biscuits at the ready so I intend to learn as I go with this exciting new project. I am fully ready to embrace a new healthy lifestyle and hope to be posting plenty of yummy recipes and tricks to make it a much more fulfilling and worthwhile journey.

Watch me, a student on a journey to uncover a clean lifestyle and stick to it!

Eat well,